Table of Contents

This is a book about what happens after you’ve planned the workshop, after you’ve chosen an activity, after the workshop has started. Read this book to learn how to manage the collaboration in the workshop while participants collaborate during the activities.

This book puts three tools in your toolbox:

  1. The six types of participants you meet
  2. Five ways to kickstart participation
  3. Four methods to manage collaboration


  • An index of facilitator fears


A treasury of workshop participants

  • Tony the Talker
  • Constance the constant volunteer
  • Lulu the lurker
  • Wally the worker
  • Paula the pessimist
  • Curt the curmudgeon
  • People change

Tactics for leading collaboration

  • Create a safe place to participate
  • Visualize checklists
  • Kickoff participation
  • Use the clock
  • Collect open items
  • Manage off-topic conversations
  • Handle challenges