Navigating Triggers for Facilitators – Facilitator Cards Brain Jam

Have you ever had something happen in facilitation that completely threw you off? Sent you into an emotional spiral or took over your mind making you no longer present for your group? Have you ever reacted to a participant, rolling your eyes in disbelief or saying something you later regretted?

​If so, you’ve probably experienced being triggered as a facilitator. As facilitators, we’re in a uniquely tricky position being responsible for holding the space for the emotional well-being of a group while having our own emotions and realities to navigate.

This November Brain Jam is all about how we can navigate our triggers as facilitators. What are the different strategies we can use both before we get in the room and in the moment to better respond when triggers arise?

​This session will be led by Meg Bolger, head of Facilitator Cards, and co-author of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation.

​Meg started doing social justice education and facilitation over a decade ago and knows how destructive it can be to not navigate your triggers well as a facilitator. Having spent many years running train-the-trainers and working with facilitators to level up their skills, Meg has had a lot of opportunities to hone in on how we as facilitators can navigate those moments successfully, to come back to being fully present with our groups, and respond rather than react to our participants.

​In Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, Meg and her co-author Sam devoted an entire chapter to understanding what happens when we get triggered (using Dr. Kathy Obears Triggering Events Cycle) and exploring the different options we have when that happens to us in a facilitation.