Facilitation Apocalypse talkshop by The Future Of Now

Title: Facilitation Apocalypse

Speaker: Diana Liu & Kandis O’Brien, Co-Founders, The Six

Date: Thursday 11th November 12PM (AEDT) / 10th 6PM (PDT)


Imagine your worst workshops ever. When everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong. What do you do? What can you do? It is the perfect facilitation apocalypse.

In this 90 minute session we will share and discuss all the possible worse case scenarios in a given engagement, project, and/or workshop and share some ways to make it out alive.

About the speakers

Diana Liu is the co-founder of The SIX, a boutique innovation and strategy firm. She is a non-linear thinker with 20+ years of leadership experience.  With a background in business development, management consulting, innovation, business process management and design thinking, Diana helps leaders and their teams get their groove on and their groove back. 

Kandis O’Brien is the co-founder of The SIX. Kandis empowers enterprises to ideate, collaborate and execute quickly and efficiently for sustainable growth. Kandis is passionate about helping organisations build better products, services and organisational cultures leveraging human-centred approaches including Deign and Vision Sprints.

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